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Amazing Stories

The following are emails and stories from contractors who I gave out the prototypes too in order to get feedback.


Steve, I gave out 3 cones each to a property management firm where I only got work from one of them. they looked great with my company name on them. I explained the use of them and how they would always have a cone in the trunk of their car.
A week later, Ron, who always gave work to another company got a call from a tenant who owned the pizza restaurant at one his centers. A customer tripped and fell while carrying pizza out from a pot hole. Ron, went out the next day after getting screamed at by luigi and figured he better do something. He then remembered he had a cone, he put it together, took some gravel from the hole to weigh it down and decided to call me. I told him I would be out that day with hot asphalt and he said great, cone came in handy, by the way, give me a price on the entire lot and let me know when you can do it.

— Glen L.


My attorney who has been involved with the process and understands the cones a bit, could not wait to tell me this story. A landscaper dug some holes to plant some trees on a Friday when heavy rains came. They left them open for the weekend. The neighbors son walked across the lawn and his leg went into a hole, destroying his knee, 2 operations. He will live with a slight limp. He called to say all the guy had to do was leave a couple of $5.00 cones in the hole and he would not have this lawsuit. He said he might bring a cone to court and show jury, how easy and cheap it is to protect liabilities and this all could have been awarded.
His insurance company might not cover him because he did nothing to protect the possible liability.

— Paul C.


The pink cones have only gone into production in February of 2018. Our prototypes were clear and we decided to paint some pink. We put the light inside after doing a new driveway. That night, the homeowner got 6 calls from neighbors asking what in the world are those bright pink, neon things. He told them of the our company who did a great paving job, left them and that he could keep them after the driveway cures as well.
Another neighbor, not friendly I guess, was curious and walked over with the dog to see what it was all about. (The neighbor said lots of people did, including a police car) and called us to give a price on there driveway after reading out name. We ended up getting 3 more jobs that month on the street.

— Steve Rich


After showing the concept to my nephew who is a police officer, he told me he loved the idea, but for them the design isn’t great because they had to fill the bases. He said if you had a solid base, it would be great because the cones don’t take up any room. He went on to say, we have no room in our trunks, when I started, we had huge trunks, the crown Victoria’s, now, we have no room at all.
The cones will now replace road flares and will also mean the officer don’t have to wait until another unit or road crew brings cones out in an emergency like a road closing or tree down etc.
Now, we have our bases made of recycled crumb rubber, the same as a standard cone.

— Matt K., Sergeant


Mike who owns a sweeping company thought I was nuts. I gave him 4 cones for each of his sweeper trucks. I told him, keep them under the seat of the truck. tell your drivers if they see a pothole in a bad spot while sweeping, take 30 seconds and put a cone out.
Call the owner in the morning and tell him, there is an issue, someone will get hurt and sue but we had his back and put a cone out.
The owner thanked him for doing that. he ended up giving us the referral to patch the spot. When the owner goes out to bid for sweeping again, if mike is a bit higher, do you think the owner is not going to go with the company that does more than sweep.

The Benefits of Versatile Cones Are Endless!

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