The Patented Econocone

Our patented safety cones are a snap to assemble, require a minimum of storage space and ready to address any hazardous situation.

The Benefits of Versatile Cones Are Endless!

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  •  90% less expensive (when you include shipping of heavy cones).
  •  90% less weight empty.
  •  90% less storage space unfolded.
  • Can adhere to MUTCD standards by filling dish with a ballast.
  • Stone, sand, soil, water ANYTHING!!!
  • Even Butyl Strips will adhere and conform to requirements.
  • Economical, can be left behind.
  • Can be used over and over again, weather resistant.
  • Allows light to shine through at night creating the ultimate safety cone.


(A) Cones come with reflective strips or without. Ice or water as a leave behind ballast. (B) Cones can be filled with anything, gravel dirt. Dirty cones don’t get stolen, a cone with dirt or gravel will also be less likely to be stolen by the casual cone thief. (C) Old water bottles used as a ballast.

US Patents D778194, D791001, D791002 • US & International Patents Pending