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About Versatile Cones

Over the last 20 years in business, i’ve constantly gone back to jobs only to find out my cones where stolen. The worst thing was when we left cones out the night before to block off areas of a parking lot and the worst happened, not only where the cones stolen, but now cars where parked in the area we needed to work.
I looked all over to find cones that would not blow away and if they were stolen, they would not cost us $20 for each one.
When I could not find any, I came up with an idea. Now with 3 patents and more pending, we have launched Versatile Cones.
I stress to all, the cones will not replace the well-built cones that cost upwards of $20.00. Those “working cones” are meant to go out every day on a highway, road or around a truck and will get picked up hours later.
We are the cones that when you leave a job, you can leave them behind.

The Benefits of Versatile Cones Are Endless!

US Patents D778194, D791001, D791002 • US & International Patents Pending